Monday, June 7, 2010

spring updates

Wild Life Zoo

The DeBrules: Grandma, Grandpa, & Great Aunt Dolores
Claire & Great Aunt Claire

Easter Sunday

Claire wanted all of her barretts in her hair at once.

Visiting Great Grandad Wilbur Alexander

Monday, March 15, 2010

Such a Big girl!
Kisses for the animals!

Dressed up to go to a Birthday Party, looking sweet like a Precious Moments Doll!

At the mall playplace on a rainy day.

Claire is getting so big! We can't believe she is almost 2! She talks so much! She says, "I do it!" She uses various tenses- running, run. She loves to sing! But if she isn't in the mood she'll let you know. She LOVES Elmo and is now quoting him. She likes to run and climb. She has just started keeping her barret bows in her hair. She likes to look in the mirror and say Oh so Pretty! She loves to dance with Mommy and Daddy and spin! We love to have Daddy play the Hokey Pokey on his guitar while Claire & I act it out. She is a joy and delight in our lives!

Weekend Away

Scott & I got away for the weekend in Feb. Our parents watched CLaire, at our house, so she could sleep in her bed. We went to the Gold Canyon Golf Resort near the Superstition Mountains. The scenery was beautiful and it was nice to be away, but it rained and was cold. So our hiking plans were toast. We drove around on Saturday in the rain and saw the most beautiful rainbow! We could see both ends. The scenery was so pretty. We drove to the Canyon Lake overlook and tried to catch a glance of Weaver's Needle but our hiking trail kept going and we lost the trail. This was after some rain. We also stopped by the Goldfield Ghost Town which was mostly deserted by the time we got there at 5pm. It was still neat to walk around there. On Sunday we went to see Avatar. It's always nice to have a break from everyday life! Thanks to the grandparents for babysitting!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

6th Anniversary

Our firecracker dessert!
We ate at Famous Dave's - yummy BBQ!

Going for a stroll down memory lane. We hiked A Mtn and saw some of the additions and changes to ASU. We walked around campus and went to the secret garden where we had our first kiss. Then we went to a movie and dinner.

I have found the one my soul loves!
Hard to believe its been 6 years already! We have our challenges and disagreements, but God is good and we are both so blessed by our marriage! I went back recently and watched our wedding video and listened to our vows. When you say your vows, you mean them but you don't fully understand the challenge of carrying them out in the hard times- in sickness, in trial, when you're tired and just want to go to sleep. But it is in God's strength and power that allows us to love our spouse as we should. They say couples who pray together regularly have a greatly reduced divorce rate. I can see why; it is so important to keep God the center and focus of our lives and marriages. May God bless our efforts and give us energy toward that end!



This is how we keep Claire occupied at the store! Yummy & messy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

December Fun!

Praying for our Denny's Christmas dinner :)

Santa Baby!

Oh Wow!


Claire loves Aunt Summer!


Tea Party with Poppa!

12-11 Our 18 month old!

Top 10 of 2009

Every New Year's Day we try to remember to reflect on the past year and our favorite moments. Here they are: this yr there were 11 :)

I'm having trouble posting the pics in the right order. :(

11-7 Visiting the Watsons in Flagstaff in August

Scott playing guitar for Eric & Heidi's Wedding in Show Low
Aunt Pat's Visit

Aunt Gail & Uncle Barry's Visit
Prescott Cabin Trips- August -Girls trip; October- Scott & Amanda- saw the fall colors

November- whole Kelley clan -celebrated Scott's bday

Scott & Amanda's first getaway since Claire was born to the 4 Seasons to celebrate Amanda's 30th bday
6. Established a budget

5. June Birthday Party for Amanda & Claire

4. Meeting the DeBrule family
3. Claire's growth & development

2. Our nephew Logan Cade Kelley is born April 21, 2009

1. Scott was able to keep his job during the hard economic times.
We are thankful for our many blessings! We have had our share of trials as well. Such is life.